Does the Janice Seagraves Family Foundation in Twin Falls, Idaho Offer Internships or Fellowships?

Founded in 2001, the Janice Seagraves Family Foundation is a private, nonprofit family foundation located in Twin Falls, Idaho. SLMVMC is a 220-bed center with an active medical staff of 166 doctors specializing in various specialties. Benedicts is a mission-driven, 25-bed, nonprofit critical access hospital with partner medical offices. We specialize in family medicine, emergency medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, cardiology, dental surgery, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, and radiology.

Dr. Epperly retired in July 2001 as a colonel after serving 21 years in the United States Army. He was a member of the ACGME Board of Directors and currently serves as co-chair of the board of the Idaho Health Care Transformation Council. Epperly is also the state of Idaho's graduate medical education coordinator and the author of the State of Idaho's ten-year GME Plan to build a vibrant and strong GME system for Idaho. In his spare time, Dr.

Epperly spends time with his wife and three children and trains for Spartan races. His wife enjoys running, hiking, backpacking, road biking, cross-country skiing, and any other activity that takes them outside. Epperly has special interests in prenatal care, pediatrics, diabetes care, and dermatology. Dr. Ferrara has special interests in teaching, obstetrics, women's health, pediatrics, global health, and care for the Spanish-speaking population.

When not working, she likes rock and ice climbing, whitewater kayaking, skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling and caring for her goats. Jameson graduated from the state of Idaho with a degree in Business Administration in Computer Information Systems while keeping his sights set on medical school. He served on a two-year volunteer mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in central Chile where he discovered a deep love for Latinos and their culture. He also enjoyed professional experiences at Wells Fargo and Idaho Central Credit Union as a loan officer. Eventually his medical education brought him to Kansas City where he graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine. He returned to Southern Idaho where he is rooted in the working and outdoor culture that brought him to medicine.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Anna and their two children Sadie and Sam. Lauren is a native of Southern Idaho who attended Boise State University where she graduated with a degree in Biology and Health Sciences. She enrolled in the University of Washington School of Medicine where she was able to do much of her training in Idaho. Her passion for family medicine was born and focuses on providing health care to families in a rural area. Anna Fox was born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State where she developed a passion for medical ethics while attending the University of Washington where she graduated in Medical Anthropology and Global Health as well as Microbiology. She attended UCD medical school in Ireland where she developed an understanding of resources and fundamentals of medicine. Alma likes to provide medical care to different age groups and believes that family medicine will give her the opportunity to practice what she loves and build lasting relationships with her patients.

After her residency she wants to complete a year of scholarship in Surgical Obstetrics and pursue her passion for teaching while continuing to serve the community in the Magic Valley. So does the Janice Seagraves Family Foundation offer internships or fellowships? The answer is yes! The foundation offers internships for medical students who are interested in learning more about rural healthcare as well as fellowships for residents who are interested in pursuing their passion for teaching while continuing to serve their community.

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