Leadership Changes in Twin Falls, Idaho: An Expert's Perspective

Twin Falls, Idaho is a city that has seen a lot of transformation over the years. From the formation of the Twin Falls Land and Water Company in 1900 to the influx of refugees in recent years, the city has experienced a variety of shifts in leadership. In this article, we'll explore how leadership at the non-profit organization in Twin Falls has changed and why. The Twin Falls Land and Water Company was established to provide financial support and guidance in constructing the city's infrastructure.

This effort was driven by a fervor that is hard to explain with other factors. The city has an unemployment rate of 3.1 percent, lower than the national average of 4.9 percent, and has recently attracted several new factories, including one run by Clif Bar. Despite this economic success, the character of Twin Falls is changing. The mayor, a supporter of refugees, has reported threats against him to the FBI. Recently, armed police officers were present at hostile city council meetings for the first time.

A local Fox radio morning presenter has claimed that refugees are using food stamps instead of helping to cover the labor force. Despite this sentiment, Trump only won 66 percent of the vote in Twin Falls County, slightly less than previous Republican presidential candidates, and donations to the refugee center have increased since his victory. Leadership at the non-profit organization in Twin Falls has evolved over time to reflect these shifts in the city's character. Emily is passionate about philanthropy and serves on the board of directors of the American Red Cross of Greater Idaho, the executive board of the Boise State Foundation, and the advisory board of Idaho Women in Leadership. She also serves as elected president of the Boise Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and on the corporate board of CSHQA. Julia has spent more than a decade in leadership roles in nursing, primarily in community and critical access healthcare settings in the western United States.

She volunteers in the Miss Magic Valley Scholarship Program and Miss Idaho Scholarship Program, serves on several committees of College of Southern Idaho, and is on the board of directors for Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. José has served on several boards in Canyon County, including Nampa Chamber of Commerce, Western Alliance for Economic Development, and Idaho Manufacturers Alliance. He also participated in Dakar Rally for Ronald McDonald House Charities and works to promote workforce and talent development in Southwest Idaho. Bill has more than 30 years experience in healthcare. He began as a pharmacy technician at Intermountain Healthcare and held positions with increasing responsibility at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center in Seattle, Ochsner Health System in New Orleans, and other health organizations. Janet earned degrees from University of California at Davis (sociology), California State University at Hayward (business administration/accounting), and University of California at Berkeley (organization/planning/management).Twin Falls is now a testing ground to determine if cultural divisions can be overcome by codependency between its large white and immigrant populations.

Leadership at its non-profit organization has changed over time to reflect this shift. Through their work with various organizations, Emily, Julia, José, Bill, Janet, and others are helping to create a more unified community.

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