Eligibility Requirements for Non-Profits in Twin Falls, Idaho

Are you a local non-profit, charitable, educational, civic, scientific, social welfare, or religious organization in Twin Falls, Idaho? If so, you may be eligible to receive services from the non-profit organization in the area. The awards are designed to help organizations access available training, promote their Idaho Gives campaign, and engage with donors. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) examines organizations when they apply for 501(c)(3) status. This ensures that the organization meets current obligations to remain eligible.

GiveGab offers a range of products that allow organizations to operate more efficiently. The Idaho Gives and Idaho Nonprofit Center teams do not host in-person events or neighborhood parties during Idaho Gives week. Organizations that participate in Idaho Gives and have previously obtained verification to receive donations on GiveGab may need to provide additional information to maintain their verification status. Organizations must certify that they meet applicable state fundraising requirements in states where they can solicit donors through the GiveGab platform.

The fee to participate in Idaho Gives depends on the size of the organization and whether they are a member of the Idaho Nonprofit Center. Additionally, organizations must keep up to date with their obligations or risk losing an important grant or donation. Offline donations are any cash donation or check that your organization receives for your Idaho Gives campaign.

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