How Has Public Perception of Non-Profit Organizations in Twin Falls, Idaho Changed Over Time?

It is believed that the first people of European descent to visit the Twin Falls area were members of a group led by the American Wilson Price Hunt, who tried to open a river trail to the west from St. Louis. The city's jurisdiction includes the Twin Falls Public Library, the Twin Falls Municipal Golf Course, and the Joslin Field-Magic Valley Regional Airport. The Idaho Department of Agriculture certifies organic farms and food products grown in Idaho, as well as organic livestock production.

In 1909, the privately owned Twin Falls Land and Water Company was reorganized to become the Twin Falls Canal Company, owned by its shareholders. Excavations carried out in 1959 at Wilson Butte Cave, near Twin Falls, revealed evidence of human activity, including arrowheads, which are among the oldest dated artifacts in North America. The jump site is located northeast of downtown Twin Falls, halfway between Shoshone Falls and the Perrine Bridge. This site came into the national spotlight 49 years ago, in September 1974, when the daredevil Evel Knievel tried to jump the Snake River Canyon in a specially modified rocket.

When closing or converting a nonprofit organization in Twin Falls, Idaho, it is important to notify both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Idaho State Tax Commission. Additionally, a final tax report must be filed. If you think you may qualify for an SBIR grant, contact your nearest Small Business Development Center or Elevate Idaho for help applying. The Idaho homemade food law allows the production of certain “low-risk” foods, such as most baked goods, in your home kitchen if you sell them directly to the consumer.

Any state or federal government agency or nonprofit organization may be represented on this site if it licenses or regulates business activities or provides business-related services. To find venture capital and angel investors that invest specifically in Idaho companies, search the Resource Wizard. Summer and fall are very dry in Twin Falls, with less than 2.5 cm (1 inch) of precipitation each month between June and October.

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