Twin Falls, Idaho: Services for Individuals and Families

Twin Falls, Idaho is a great place to live for individuals and families who need assistance. The city is home to a variety of charities, non-profit organizations, and volunteer and giving opportunities that provide help with rent or utility bills, free food, and case management services. The Idaho Community Foundation is one of the most prominent non-profits in the area. It offers a way for people of all income levels to make a lasting difference in Idaho.

Through collective giving, individuals, families, businesses, and other non-profits can establish permanent or temporary charitable funds at the Idaho Community Foundation to support the causes and organizations that matter most to them. The Twin Falls County agency also provides clothing, limited financial assistance depending on funding sources, rent assistance, family development programs, and information about Idaho and federal government programs. In addition to these services, the Idaho Community Foundation grants funds to non-profits, schools, and other organizations as well as scholarships to students. At our community health center, our mission is to ensure that our patients can afford the services they need. We have resources that allow us to reduce the cost of our services, but we often refer patients to local providers for specialized services that we don't offer at our clinics.

This is where patients often face the biggest obstacle to receiving care, as these recommended services are often expensive and unaffordable for many of our patients. Twin Falls County is committed to providing individuals and families with the resources they need to live healthy lives. With the help of local non-profits and government programs, residents can access a variety of services that will help them get back on their feet.

Cora Gillund
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